Trapping moles in your yard – some useful tips

When to trap moles in your yard

Yard moleThe moles in your yard are most active around 9 in the morning and around 5 in the afternoon and although it doesn’t really matter at what time you set the trap, this is a good thing to remember when checking if you have caught the mole. Rain is always good when trapping moles. When it rains the worms come to the surface and the moles follow them. And the more mole activity on the surface, the bigger the chance that you will trap a mole.

The best mole trap

Most commercial mole traps are serviceable, but the scissor type traps like the “victor out of sight” mole trap are the best. Talpex makes similar traps that are lighter and cheaper than the ones by victor. I prefer these for moles, but if you want to trap moles and gophers then the victor mole trap is the best.

Setting a mole trap

The mole’s most important sense is its sense of touch, and their sense of smell is not highly developed. To maximize the chance that we are going to trap a mole it is still a good idea to wear gloves though. Normal gardening gloves are fine, but it is best to season them by rubbing them with dirt. I keep a pair of gloves exclusively for mole trapping, and I suggest you do the same. A little garden trowel is handy to dig open the mole tunnels.
If there are a lot of molehills then it’s best to flatten them by spreading out the soil and set your trap the next day. In this way you can judge by the new molehills where the mole is most active. Carefully open the mole tunnel with your trowel, far enough so that your trap is cleared on all sides. Set your mole trap and gently close the holes around the trap with loose dirt. If you have children or pets then place an upside down bucket over the trap and weigh it down with a rock.

Checking the trap

Trapping molesMole traps are best checked every day, and if you haven’t caught anything after two days then move the mole trap to a new location. If you do catch a mole, reset the trap in the same place. Moles invade each others territory and when you catch one, another will often move in immediately.

How to keep moles out of your yard

Like I said, catch one mole and another will want to move in. Because of that, mole control really needs your year round attention. As soon as you see any signs of moles in our yard; set a trap. Only in this way can you stay on top of things and prevent mole damage.

Using traps for controlling moles in lawns is not difficult, but you have to know what you’re doing. If possible, seek hands-on instruction from an experienced mole trapper. Once you know what to look out for you will become better and better, and soon you’ll be an expert at garden mole eradication